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Maintenance Contracts

What is an IT Maintenance Contract?

Basically, an IT maintenance contract is just what it seems - an agreement between StangTek and your business to keep up your technology assets.  Anything from cabling to network equipment to servers to workstations can be included in a contract like this and the terms can be as flexible as you need!

Why would I want one?

The biggest benefit of a maintenance contract is knowing your fixed costs.  At the beginning, we come in and assess your infrastructure and put a price on supporting you.  The cost is based on the amount of time dedicated, the level of expertise required for your equipment, hardware and software required, and future plans. 

Another benefit is that it frees up your important time to run and grow your business.  Your users will come directly to us with problems, and they will be addressed before you even know anything happened. 

What if I need help after hours?

Our contracts can be structured in a number of ways.  Typically our customers want help desk support during business hours with a technician on-site at a scheduled time weekly or bi-weekly.  However, some customers need us on call overnights, and we are happy to build the contract that way.  We can even cover weekends and holidays if need be.

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